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We design and create dedicated software not only for companies operating on a global scale, but also for small and innovative start-ups. Our projects encompass the areas and processes that require individual and accurate adaptation of an application to the defined needs of our Clients.

We create both, small, functional, dedicated applications and tailor-made programmes, as well as advanced IT systems which, integrated with other programmes and IT systems, facilitate the work of various departments and employees of our Clients.

We provide support from the beginning to the very end of the project in terms of a quick implementation of IT applications, business use of artificial intelligence, Big Data solutions and analyses, and IoT implementations.

We cooperate with advertising, strategy and interactive agencies from all over the world on the basis of non-disclosure agreements.

What makes us different

Stability and Security
We are a reliable, safe and financially stable company and employer. We guarantee excellent working conditions. We have our own modern and well-equipped office with a floorspace of 240 sqm.

90% of our Clients are the result of recommendations of our services
We cooperate with Clients from various industries. We carry out projects in different technologies and in different business environments (international corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups) and various cultural environments (different countries and continents). The first contact often becomes the beginning of a regular cooperation in the long term.

Help Desk Standards
Our Clients receive help which often goes beyond the standards adopted in the Help Desk sector, not only during the implementation, but also after its completion.

Agencja Interaktywna by name, Software House in action
Our history began with designing and building websites. The present character of our projects, their high complexity and time-consuming nature, means that apart from projects aimed at supporting the brand image on the Internet and achieving marketing goals, we often carry out programming projects that surpass the technical capabilities of traditional interactive agencies.

The genetic code of an interactive agency makes us pay a lot of attention to the user interface and the ergonomics of our systems, as well as the marketing and business success of the project.


The most interesting projects

Application supported by artificial intelligence, which is integrated with the e-mail account, recognizes complaints, downloads them and transfers them to ERP systems for further processing
Technology used: recurrent neural networks (LSTM)
The following technologies were used to create, train and implement the network: Python, Keras, TensorFlow, NLTK, Pandas.

Preparation of a programme's mock-ups and complete project documentation in UML notation for the purpose of creating a web programme for production planning, management and settlement, and quality control of the production process in accordance with the Automotiv Standard in the European plants of an Austrian company with its office in Carinthia.
Implementation of an IT system consisting of software to manage notification on deliveries and cargoes, software to recognize vehicle registration numbers and software to direct trucks to the appropriate warehouse docks.
Creation and implementation of web software for Biuro Festiwalowe Impart 2016 Wrocław used for the management of events in relation to The European Capital of Culture in Wrocław, as well as the provision of support for the users of the programme throughout the event.

The new technology provided effective communication between organisers, participants of the event – guests and volunteers – and between drivers and hotels cooperating with the organisers.
Technology: platforma.NET and PostgreSQL databases.


Creation and implementation of dedicated software for a waste management company in Wrocław. An EU-funded project.

The new programme has automated the functioning of all stages of the waste management process, shortened the time of some operations (development of an offer and its approval, preparation of an order on the basis of the approved offer, settlement of accepted waste and its record in storage, invoicing of supplies, financial reporting in accordance with the requirements of the act on waste management) and has limited to a large extent the possibility of making a mistake at these stages. The new programme has been integrated with the CRM, storage, sales and accounting systems of our Client.

A mobile application, prepared especially for this purpose, has ensured cooperation of the new programme with automated scales placed on the lift trucks and with barcode scanners.
Technology used in the project: platforma.NET and PostgreSQL databases.

Creation and implementation of software for management of municipal waste disposal schedules in Chemeko-System sp. z o.o., Wrocław

The programme supports more than 60,000 locations and 37 municipal vehicles – the so-called dust carts.
Technology: platforma.NET, PostgreSQL databases.

Creation and implementation of logistics management software for vehicles and containers in Chemeko-System sp. z o.o., Wrocław

Technology: platforma.NET, MS SQL databases


Creation of a website for Chemeko-System sp. z o.o., Wrocław

In 2011, the website was recognised by Forbes&Onet as the best corporate website in the Lower Silesia Province.
Technology PHP, MySQL databases


Creation and implementation of a dedicated CRM system for TECE sp. z o.o., Strzelin

Technology: Ruby on Rails, MySQL databases.
We have been cooperating with TECE for 16 years now. We have prepared for this company 4 editions of its website – the most recent being carried out in coordination with a German interactive agency.


Creation and implementation of a dedicated web application performing the functions of a business analysis system and CRM system for Capricorn sp. z o.o.

The system covered the areas of CRM, sales, storage management and receivables from clients.
Technology: Ruby on Rails, MySQL databases.

Our works are appreciated by Forbes and

The best corporate website in the Lower Silesia Province was created by Web according to Forbes&

The Chemeko-System company was awarded in 2011 with the "e-Diamenty Forbes &" prize for the best corporate website in the Lower Silesia Province. "E-Diamenty Forbes &” is an award for the companies which have the most developed corporate websites.

When evaluating the websites, the following criteria were taken into account: the unique character of the company and the industry in which it operates, the presentation of a product or service, the use of innovative IT solutions, the creation of possibilities to purchase and make electronic payments, as well as the practicality of the website. The website of Chemeko-System was created in 2010 by Web

Our location

Interactive Agency Software House
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